The Law and Justice party wants a repeat counting of the votes in constituency no. 75, where the Left Wing candidate Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka took the Senator’s mandate, and in constituency no. 100, where the mandate was won by Stanisław Gawłowski, running as an independent candidate. In both those cases, there was little separating the two candidates and their Law and Justice opponents. The ruling party, which lost the majority in the Senate by a small margin, claims that the motion was only filed to make sure the detected anomalies didn’t change the final outcome, while the opposition states it’s the first step towards dictatorship in Poland.

MICHAŁ KAMIŃSKI - THE POLISH PEOPLE’S PARTY: “It’s the end of Polish democracy, and it’s not a metaphor on my part, but a factual statement. Everyone should be aware, that the Law and Justice reaches for the most basic right – the right to choose our representatives.

RADOSŁAW FOGIEL - DEPUTY SPOKESMAN FOR THE LAW AND JUSTICE PARTY: - “In both cases, both candidates got a similar number of votes and in both cases the number of invalid votes was greater than the difference between the two candidates. The electoral protests can be filed by midnight tonight, and we’re still analysing other constituencies.