Almost 400 toys, 50 children's books and magazines, photographs and archival film chronicles depicting childhood in the Polish People's Republic will be presented at the exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Museum of Toys and Play in Kielce.

The opening of the exhibition will take place today. The Kielce Museum can be visited for free. In the authors' intention, the exhibition is intended to provoke museum visitors to seek the answer to the question about the creativity of the toy industry during the Polish People's Republic. - Today, children spend monothematic time, they have multifunctional toys that do not require much interference from them after pressing the button. And here we have shown very simple toys that stimulated children's creativity - assessed the exhibition curator Katarzyna Hodurek-Kiek. The Toy and Play Museum in Kielce is the oldest institution of this profile in Poland. Established in 1979 as the Toy Museum at the National Association of Toy Cooperatives.