The arrests are connected with the investigation of multi million zloty bribes led by the officers of the Cracow division of the Central Anticorruption Bureau or CBA. So far, 24 have been charged in the matter.

 “It’s another stage of the investigation of municipal governments of the Lesser Poland province The senator and his son will be charged with accepting multi-million zloty bribes, while the chief of the State Fund for the Disabled will face charges regarding the awarding of contracts for the Foundation. The detained persons will be taken to the regional prosecutor in Katowice, where they will formally hear the charges''- says Temistokles Brodowski, spokesman for the Central Anticorruption Bureau.

According to the officers of the CBA, Stanisław K. influenced the decision to dismiss the administrative procedures regarding including the buildings of the old hotel Cracovia and Kijów Cinema on the list of protected monuments. For this, he allegedly accepted a bribe of a million zloty. The money was supposedly transferred as a donation to the Foundation Helping the Disabled, where K. was CEO.

 “If there are any doubts or signs that the law was broken, then whoever’s involved, even if it concerns someone from our party, the procedures are the same. I prefer not to comment on the charges themselves, I’ll leave that for the judge and the court''- says Jan Maria Jackowski, the Law and Justice party senator.

Stanisław K. ran unsuccessfully for the senator’s seat in the recent parliamentary elections. His term  expired in November last year.