"Judges in Poland have an important part of state power devoted to them. They pass judgment in court not according to their own visions and beliefs, but on behalf of Poland, and this must never be forgotten. They pass judgment on behalf of Poland. This is how every court order begins. In connection with the above, this involves obligations, but above all responsibility for conducting civic affairs in such a way as to serve the citizens and serve the country. This is their primary duty and they must never forget that. This is also the judicial oath. Whoever does not follow this violates the iron rule of judicial oath. Unfortunately, there is a group of judges who completely forgot what their real role is, they forgot who they serve and why they were appointed in the first place. I hope that we will slowly, consistently and calmly fix the judicial system and remove those who are wrongfully a part of it. This would be best for the Polish judiciary and the Polish country” said Andrzej Duda, President of Poland.