The Polish PM said the following at a press conference in Tokyo: “The geopolitical situation of Poland bears a surprising resemblance to that of Japan. Japan lies between China and Russia, while Poland in the centre of Europe, lies between Germany and Russia. Our location was once an inconvenience, but today it's one of our greatest advantages. The development of roads and human assets, a dynamic economic environment open to investment, and growing profits from investment make Poland a much more open country for Japan to invest in the European economy. Poland is ready to welcome Japanese entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen. We want to expand our economic cooperation as one of the most dynamically developing economies in the European Union and in the world.” 

Japan is yet another country visited by the head of the Polish government in recent months, as Prime Minister Morawiecki aims to better Poland's trade relations not only with the European states, but also in Asia. Despite his tight schedule, the Polish prime minister also found time to attend some sumo wrestling after the meeting with Shinzo Abe.