Journalist Kan News asked whether Vladimir Putin’s claim that Poland was co-responsible for the outbreak of World War II, was a lie. President Duda replied that Putin knowingly spreads historical lies. 

"Saying such things he has a purpose because he tries to erase the responsibility of Stalinist Russia for the start of World War II together with Nazi Germany. I imagine today he is ashamed of those Russian actions" stated Duda. 

During the interview, Andrzej Duda also referred to the words of Israel Katz, the Israeli Foreign Minister who repeated the words of the former Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, that "Poles sucked anti-Semitism with mother's milk''. 

"There are representatives of the Jewish community who were born in Poland before World War II, who survived the Holocaust and who believe that Poles and Poland should be apologized to for the words of Minister Katz. I have spoken to such people, whether here in Warsaw, when they visit Poland, or even in New York, and such voices are heard. I have no doubt that these words were the most injurious to us Poles and our country" responded the Polish head of state. 

An interview with the Polish president will be broadcast in Israel on Wednesday evening, on the eve of the World Holocaust Forum at the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem. The event was organized by Moshe Kantor, a Russian oligarch of Jewish origin. The main speaker at the Forum is to be Russian President Vladimir Putin. On January 27, ceremonies related to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the camp will take place at Auschwitz, the site of the former German concentration camp. President Andrzej Duda is scheduled to speak there, and Holocaust survivors will present their testimonies.