"Super Express" writes in today's issue that the idea of non-governmental organisations that appeared in the European Parliament "chills the blood of meat lovers". "The TAAP Coalition (True Animal Protein Price) would like meat prices to rise by 2030. For example, for 100g of pork we would have to pay up to PLN 1.50 more!", the newspaper wrote. According to "Super Express", the idea of imposing a tax on meat is not approved by the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. "There is no Polish consent for a new meat tax", the Government Information Centre stated clearly. According to the "Super Express", the CIR emphasizes that the government is aware of the need to care for the environment.
"Environmental activities in the EU are now a priority and Poland takes them seriously. We are introducing the <<My Power>> program, or funding for the installation of solar panels, and the <<Clean Air>> program. There is no sense in creating a new tax, the basis of which is rather ideological", the CIR added.