The Polish government keeps insisting that the European Commission has no right to interfere in the internal matters regarding changes in the judicial system of any EU member state.

"We will be consequently stressing that this motion is without basis and that the Disciplinary Chamber showed its independence when a few days ago it overruled the dismissal of attorney Roman Giertych", stated Sebastian Kaleta, the deputy minister of justice. 

As reported by Radio RMF, judges of the European Court of Justice are surprised by the motion to question witnesses and the decision whether to put them on the stand will probably be made by the president of the ECJ himself, Koen Lenaerts. If the Court of Justice of the European Union agrees to the motion of the European Commission, the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court will be suspended. If the Polish government refuses to abide, it may be penalised financially.

According to unofficial sources, the trial will commence by the end of this month and the final verdict will be given in March.