The Conference will take place at the Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw on 5th and 6th of December, 2018. The conference will essentially focus on the similarities and differences between the processes of setting up communist parties in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The conference endeavors to inform audiences about communist parties, their internal situation, relations with other political entities, how they came to power, and how the remembrance of these historical events is being shaped.

Conference topics:
- How did communist parties actually influence society and what was their position on the political scene after the end of World War II and the entering of Red Army?
- The development of the Party membership and the influence  of communist parties after 1944/45
- Changes in tactics and political strategy on the road to power
- Internal divisions and fractions within the Party
- Relations with other communist parties in Central and Eastern Europe (controlling methods)
- Communist parties in parliamentary elections
- Eradication of the opposition
- Relations with Moscow
- Influences in the government, security apparatus and army
- The methods and circumstances of taking over power
- The founding myth
 - The changing perception of the West in Central Eastern Europe.